Geolocated Visual Dashboards

Our custom dashboards provide unparalleled insight into massive data sets, allowing you to search and explore faster and more effectively and accurately than with traditional formats.


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DarkMouse is a covert multi faceted tool that maps physical infrastructure to a cyber reachable format.

DarkMouse can allow for analysis of attribution to cyber infrastructure.


our beta platform  will incorporate an AI-driven classification system, allowing users to effectively predict the associated risk of a new entity.

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I have been in law enforcement for over 27 years. Due to the different assignments, I have attended several different Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) classes. The OSINT class presented by Port194 was one, if not the best, OSINT class I have attended. John and his staff were extremely knowledgeable about the topic matter, and they were very patient working at the speed of the students. The course covered not just how to conduct searches for people and social media, but looked at how to look into internet at past posts, and internet entries. John did not just show the students how to conduct the open source searches, but walked the class through step by step so the students were actively participating in searches. John also provided students with detail printed materials so the students could conduct additional search in the future. I would highly recommend this class to any member of law enforcement who conducts investigations including officers, detectives and analysts.
Tucson Police Department

Our clients learn how to

  • Safely set up computers and social media accounts with anonymous data including pictures
  • Protect themselves online and remove PII that might identify them
  • Navigate new social media platforms like TikTok, Snapchat and even foreign social media such as Vkontakte
  • Use advanced techniques to improve search results
  • Conduct reverse image searching
  • Use free tools to search thousands of websites for usernames
  • Use free artificial intelligence like ChatGPT to generate leads and analysis
  • Search business, company, property, tax and other public records to find new relationships and locations
  • Conduct recon of digital assets such as website ownership and basic network analysis
  • Conduct recon of physical locations using online mapping engines
  • Search the “internet of things” to find webcams and other online assets
  • Download original multimedia and extract identifying data from websites and social media
  • Determine time of day of photo and videos using shadows
  • Determine location of photo and videos using reverse image searches
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