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We have created an intuitive set of map displays allowing users to browse millions of datapoints in an easy-to-use, intuitive format.

Custom OSINT Training for Your Organization

"I have been in law enforcement for over 27 years. Due to the different assignments, I have attended several different Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) classes. The OSINT class presented by Port194 was one, if not the best, OSINT class I have attended. John and his staff were extremely knowledgeable about the topic matter, and they were very patient working at the speed of the students. The course covered not just how to conduct searches for people and social media, but looked at how to look into internet at past posts, and internet entries. John did not just show the students how to conduct the open source searches, but walked the class through step by step so the students were actively participating in searches. John also provided students with detail printed materials so the students could conduct additional search in the future. I would highly recommend this class to any member of law enforcement who conducts investigations including officers, detectives and analysts."
Tucson Police Department

See it in action

Port 194: Curated, relevant data and intuitive tools

In this video, we demonstrate our custom geolocated database browser. Our customers can rapidly sift through names, locations, search by keyword or a custom shape.

The custom processes at Port 194 ensure data is accurate and our decades of experience mean we display relevant insight at speed. The source file for this text only database has more than 2 million data points, but with Port 194, our customers can literally see what’s important.

From unstructured data to complete analysis in 72 hours.

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